Is the 88,000% APY Wonderland Money becoming Wonderful Memories or a new beginning?

Crypto Cutie
6 min readJan 15, 2022

Since recently, Wonderland Money has been pushing wMEMO (“Wonderful Memories”) on the stage and takes TIME behind the curtain. I have this article that explains the essentials of Wonderland Money. This novelty creates quite a lot of confusion. Does Wonderland leave us only wonderful memories? I can’t help but sing …


Turn your face to the moonlight

Let your memory lead you

Open up enter in

If you find there

The meaning of what happiness is

Then a new life will begin

(“Memory” from Cats)

A new life will begin…?

To explain wMEMO, let’s start with the origin, TIME. TIME is Wonderland’s token backed by a basket of crypto assets and gets rebased (auto-compound staking reward). When you stake TIME, you receive MEMO (“Memories”) to represent your staked amount. TIME should be staked to receive the rebase. You will see the MEMO balance increasing every 8 hours, thanks to rebasing. When you unstake, you will receive an equal amount of TIME at a 1:1 ratio, i.e. 1000 MEMO = 1000 TIME.